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About company

Fortis is Group of companies’ part with a presence on IT market for more than 15 years. Fortis - is  VAD distributor of hardware and software IT&IS solutions.

Fortis`s team have more than 15 years of experience in Russian IT distribution, deep understanding of local market, ability to activate sales force at multiple partners band across the Russia and strong connections with customers in SMB, Mid-market, Low-ent. and Enterprise segments. Company has own technical force for pre-sale, implementing and post-sales support.

"We insist on creating new demand of market, not using the existing one"

"We form and promote a new approach to VAD in Russia"

"We make an superhuman efforts to achieve goals but always stay human"

- Fortis team


Benefits for partners

Fortis focuses on the point development of a partner sales channel. In addition to the classic functions of the distributor, we offer our partners:

​Solutions portfolio

Balanced portfolio of solutions and expertise in each direction of Fortis distribution


Financial services

Individual terms of deferral, lending, hedging of currency transactions, etc.


The most comfortable conditions for logistics in the framework of the EAEU, electronic logistics, etc.


Each direction is represented by product teams with experience for more than 5 years. We are ready to provide for partners our expert knowledge and advanced skills in technology and sales support.

Fortis Demo Center

Virtual platform for demo&training solutions of any complexity with the availability of 24x7

Fortis Cloud Distriburion

Automated cloud platform that allows partners to deliver services on the IaaS model

Fortis activity directions

The Fortis product portfolio is divided into three areas:

Information Security. Infrastructure. Cloud technologies

Information security

The Fortis information security solutions portfolio allows partners to solve tasks of any complexity: from protecting network endpoints to building a flexible, layered, secure environment capable of counteracting futures challenges and threats to information security.


The Fortis Infrastructure solutions portfolio is focused on solving the tasks of managing, storing and keeping companies data of any scale. We are an authorised distributor of both domestic and foreign infrastructure vendors.


Fortis Cloud Distribution is an automated cloud platform that allows partners to deliver services using the SAAS model and get regular predicted revenue. For end customers, we provide an opportunity to reduce capital costs when introducing technological solutions.


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